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Nuke power operator introduces SK Telecoms communications system for quantum-safe data protection
Avatars sign official business agreement in KTs virtual meeting room
S. Korea unveils state project to acquire independent technologies for supercomputer
SK Telecom establishes digital healthcare joint venture to provide smart solutions
[INTERVIEW] Digital transformation expert demands speedy deregulation in financial and public areas
Virtual reality studio to make debut for TV home shopping
SK Telecom leads establishment of 5G MEC cooperative system in Asia
Daewoo shipyard works with Hyundai LNG Shipping to develop smart ship technology
Samsung shipyard verifies 5G-based autonomous driving platform for ships
Lotte Data Communication partners with Corys of France for OTS cooperation to create new business models
Korean Air partners with Kakao to develop convenient services for passengers
State research body develops new method to dramatically increase public bus Wi-Fi speed
Researchers develop AI technology to identify fuzzy vehicle numbers on CCTV
LGU+ partners with DoubleMe to develop 5G-based telepresence technology
LGU+ demonstrates unmanned tractor using 5G technology
Navers research lab envisages international AI research belt
New platform allows users to communicate across reality and imagination
KT agrees to change Samsung Medical Center into 5G-based smart hospital
Samsung and LG fire broadside at each other in competition for excellence
SK Telecom teams up with Ericsson to complete testing of 5G standalone