Samsung partners with SK Telecom to develop 5G-based vertical TV
SK Teleoms cuantum cryptography recommendation wins preliminary approval from international body
LG showcases V50S smartphone with dual screen accessory at IFA
​S. Korean game maker NCSOFT introduces new PC-mobile interworking platform
Samsungs foldable smartphone to be released this week at home
LGU+ to establish 5G cellular V2X infrastructure in autonomous vehicle testbed
Samsung introduces new Exynos mobile processor with integrated 5G modem
KT develops outside plant management system with 5G and other new technologies
SKT partners with Microsoft to test 5G-based cloud gaming service
​Naver refutes privacy violation in collecting data from AI speakers
Researchers synthesize wearable sensing fibers cable of detecting nitrogen dioxide
​LG to release super high-definition 8K OLED TV model in U.S. and Europe
British and Korean researchers work together to develop nuclear battery for space exploration
Kakao reveals plans to develop AI capable of smooth dialogue interactions
Kakao to share core technologies including AI with developers via tech-sharing website
KT opens first overseas virtual reality theme park in Malaysia
Samsung collaborates with SKT to open new roads for 5G-based broadcasting for motor racing
LG partners with Siemens to co-develop intellectual manufacturing solutions
LGU+ partners with graphics technology company Nvidia to launch 5G cloud gaming service
Game publisher Netmarble adopts Googles cloud AI technology