SK Telecom commercializes IoT network-based autonomous rice transplanter for first time
LG Electronics to release worlds first rollable OLED TV later this year
Researchers develop transparant artificial cornea using bio ink and 3D cell printer
SK Telecom to live broadcast golf tournament with 5G technology
​Researchers succeed in localizing automatic inflator for life jackets
Samsungs Galaxy S10 installed with reliable cryptocurrency key storage solution: executive
SK Telecom partners with Microsoft to co-develop innovative services using 5G and cloud
KT partners with Hyundai Heavy to develop 5G-connected robots and smart factory platforms
Samsung introduces two micro-sized ultra-high resolution image sensors
S. Korean metrology institute develops defect detection technology for flexible displays
Researchers develop new way to control combined WiFi and wired internet in 5G network
LG Electronics 5G smartphone V50 ThinQ available this week in S. Korea
SK Telecom and Instagram agree to cooperate in digital advertising and marketing
NASA allows S. Korean scientists to participate in development of lunar lander payloads
Huawei demonstrates superiority of massive multiple input multiple output technology
KT partners with S. Korean healthcare firm to develop blockchain-based smart hospital service
Hanwha Systems develops blockchain-based platform for artwork transactions
Samsung unveils YouTube-friendly TV capable of rotating vertically and horizontally
KT showcases AI speaker with built-in IPTV display
SK Telecom aims to turn Songdo international area into mobility smart city