KT jumps into race to provide 5G cloud game service
LGU+ works with cryptographer to develop quantum-resistant cryptography technology
Researchers develop OLED material for light therapy face masks
Daewoo shipyard works with Hyundai LNG Shipping to develop smart ship technology
Chinas Baidu joins hands with Samsung to produce leading-edge AI chip
KT launches cloud-based AI big data trading platform for enterprises and startups
Doosan Group selects Amazons cloud service as main tool for digital transformation
Seoul City uses drones to monitor emission of air pollutants
Samsung Electro-Mechanics adopts AI to manage production quality of tiny electric parts
​Naver forges partnership with Woongjin Thinkbig to develop AI-based education platform
Girl band MAMAOO launches new type of virtual reality concert album to mesmerize fans
State research institute develops lightning-speed long-distance data transfer technology
Samsung shipyard verifies 5G-based autonomous driving platform for ships
State research institute develops AI-based system for finding exit routes in cases of emergency
SK Innovation completes first overseas electric vehicle battery plant in China
Lotte Data Communication partners with Corys of France for OTS cooperation to create new business models
Korean Air partners with Kakao to develop convenient services for passengers
S. Korea to conduct preliminary feasibility study for 6G commercialization in 2028
SK Telecom partners with AWS to provide 5G mobile edge computing services
KT develops flexible antenna array tech to increase coverage of 5G base stations