SK Networks and Hyundai team up to build futuristic electric car charging station
LS Mtron develops new 5G antenna for autonomous driving
KT to put super-fast 10Gbps internet into commercial operation this week
Researchers develop deep learning-based video streaming technology
KT to establish ICT infrastructure in Suez Canal economic zone
Huawei ready to disclose source code if requested by LG U+
Human drivers to test skills against self-driving cars at motor show
SK Telecom checks Gangnam and Ansan as first areas to commercialize 5G service
S. Korean mobile carrier LGU+ hints at using Huaweis 5G equipment
Google to cooperate with LG Electronics in setting up smart towns
Lufthansa and LG team up to develop new system in aircraft cabin
LG to start commerical production of 8K OLED displays next year
Samsung unveils head-mounted display for Microsofts mixed reality platform
SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom agree to make cross-investment
Samsung showcases new ergonomic chair-type ultrasound system
Samsung SDS forges blockchain alliance with Dutch bank and port
KT operates hydrogen fuel cell power plant in virtual power plant project
KT develops new technology to prevent friendly fire in WiFi connection
[FOCUS] Researchers find new method to produce large single-crystal metal foils
Researchers develop highly sensitive flexible sensor for prosthetics