Celltrion allowed to go ahead with last-stage clinical test of COVID-19 antibody treatment
Clinical trials sought for Ivaltinostat in treating acute pneumonia or fibrosis caused by COVID-19
S. Korea approves acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines for 60 % of entire population
China approves Hunter Syndrome drug from S. Koreas GC Pharm
Celltrion makes preparations for emergency domestic use of COVID-19 antibodies
Daewoong allowed to test efficacy of tapeworm treatment medicine in Philippines
EOFlow aims to become leading player in wearable medical device market
Yangi Hospitals walk-thru diagnostic booth wins domestic patent
Celltrion teams up with British bio company to develop oral infliximab
     Yuhan secures drug technology transfer deal from American company Processa
Korea United Pharms asthma drug candidate to be regenerated for COVID-19 treatment
Genexine to test toxicity of immunotherapeutic drug candidate for intranasal administration
Natural killer cells found to be effective in killing cells infected with new coronavirus
SK Bioscience agrees to produce antigen of Novavax COVID-19 vaccine candidate
U.S. company PBS partners with SCM Lifescience for stem cell mass-production
KT carries out research for platform to measure risk of COVID-19 infection
Mobile app makes commercial debut to check health status of prostate and bladder with sound analysis
Macrogen teams up with domestic rivals to participate in K-DNA big data project
S. Koreas drive-thru COVID-19 screening seeks approval as international standard
NHNs cooperative medical care software awaits deregulation