LG Chem secures $80 mln deal to supply poliovirus vaccine thru UNICEF
Researchers develop nonevasive electroceutical to diagnose premature birth
Researchers detect antibodies 8 months after COVID-19 infection in asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic persons
S. Korean regulators start review on AstraZeneca vaccine for quick use in February
GC Pharma shares up on expected consignment production deal with Moderna
State watchdog starts screening Celltrions antibody treatment for COVID-19
State lenders plastic cards to be coated with antibacterial films
Preliminary approval to finance production of Daewoongs tapeworm treatment medicine
Sugentechs antibody test kit wins state approval for domestic use
 Celltrion revises deal with U.S. client to ship new rapid COVID-19 antigen test kit
  Daewoong allowed to conduct Foistars clinical testing as COVID-19 treatment
SK Bioscience ready to embark on second vaccines clinical trials
     Chong Kun Dangs COVID-19 drug candidate allowed to complete clinical trials in Russia
Shares of Dreamtech soar on expected mass-production of simple COVID-19 screening device
Celltrion leaves door open for consignment production of COVID-19 vaccines
Samsung Biologics secures deal to mass-produce Lillys antibody treatment
[INTERVIEW] Sugentech predicts modest sales after development of vaccines
Huons tests Belgian companys asthma drug as COVID-19 treatment
Daewoong allowed to conduct third-stage combination therapy with diabetes drug candidate
KT works with American bio-sensor producer to expand capabilities in digital bio-health sector