[INTERVIEW] Seegenes quantum leap is far from over as producer of reliable diagnostic kits
Paraguays main gateway to set up S. Koreas fast COVID-19 screening system
Lotte Chemical works with college medical center to develop anti-bacterial plastic materials
Researchers develop 3-D human lung tissue model for pathogenesis of novel coronavirus
Biotech companies selected for state project to establish big data in biology
Community health centers introduce innovative 5G MEC system for dementia detection
GC Pharmas plasma treatment allowed for actual use in treating COVID-19 patients
Modular negative-pressure ward built for S. Koreas state hospital
  Celltrion checks antibody treatments effect of COVID-19 infection prevention
Rapid antibody screening cited as core of global fight against COVID-19
Theragen selected for state project to develop large-scale analysis method for COVID-19 cases
LG Chems novel drug for obesity treatment wins FDA designation
Standigm partners with SK C&C to unveil AI service for drug development
Lactic acid bacterium isolated from kimchi found to be effective disinfectant
GC Pharmas immunoglobulin drug administered to patients in second-stage clinical study
Celltrion allowed to go ahead with last-stage clinical test of COVID-19 antibody treatment
Clinical trials sought for Ivaltinostat in treating acute pneumonia or fibrosis caused by COVID-19
S. Korea approves acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines for 60 % of entire population
China approves Hunter Syndrome drug from S. Koreas GC Pharm
Celltrion makes preparations for emergency domestic use of COVID-19 antibodies