Celltrion ready to sell antigen diagnostic kit for rapid and accurate COVID-19 screening
Brittle bone disease treatment found to be effective in suppressing COVID-19
Genexine wins U.S. approval to test immunotherapeutic drug candidate for COVID-19 treatment
    State researchers transfer candidate material for COVID-19 treatment to LegoChem
Daewoong reports progress in animal testing of tapeworm treatment medicine as COVID-19 medication
Seoul hospital to conduct clinical trial for Inovios COVID-19 DNA vaccine candidate
Researchers discover simple method to screen glioblastoma
Celltrion achieves initial progress in animal testing of candidates for antibody treatment.
Remdesvir to be introduced for treatment of COVID-19 in S. Korea
Researchers discover new strain capable of synthesizing expensive antibiotic
Indonesias Kalbe partners with S. Korean company for joint vaccine research
S. Korea reports suspected pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome cases
Health agency suspends 31 diabetic drugs with metformin due to contamination
National hospital in Busan to establish remote cooperative medical system in Indonesia
Samsung Bioepis demonstrates efficacy of first biosimilar for eye disease treatment
GC Pharma pledges unlimited free supply of immunoglobulin drug for plasma treatment
Bill Gates Foundation to finance research projects by S. Korean companies
Nafamostat selected by researchers as most potent COVID-19 drug candidate
British biotech firm Iksuda to receive drug candidate materials from S. Korean partner LegoChem
French partner Sanofi decides to returns rights related to Hanmis diabetes drug candidate