LG Electronics works with LIG Nex1 to produce military drone motors

Lim Chang-won Reporter() | Posted : July 20, 2020, 15:24 | Updated : July 20, 2020, 15:24

Various types of military drones are displayed at the RoboUniverse & K-Drone EXPO.  [Photograph by Park Sae-jin]

SEOUL -- In an effort to reduce the use of imported parts, especially from China, LG Electronics will use its accumulated technology in motors for home appliances to develop military drone motors together with LIG Nex1, a major defense contractor in South Korea.

LG Electronics said that it has forged a partnership with LIG Nex1 for the development of efficient motors for military drones in three years by making the most of each company's capabilities and resources. The project is aimed at reducing South Korea's dependence on Chinese motors and expanding the base of home-made drones.

LG said in a statement that it would use its inverter motor technology to improve the performance of drone motors and increase the flying time. Motors and drives would be integrated into one module.

Inverters change the power provided to a compressor and motor through voltage and frequency in order to switch their speeds at any time. Inverter electronics create less noise compared to constant-speed electronics. Inverter technology applied to different electronics can provide diverse and convenient functions while reducing energy expenses.
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