S. Korea to build state-run K-pop concert hall for unaffordable online performances
BTS agency posts record earnings in 2020 on brisk online activities and album sales
Big Hits live-streaming joint venture gains reinforcements from Universal Music, YG
     BLACKPINK set milestone in K-pop history first paid online concert
Spotify launches service at home turf of K-pop with tailored music experience
(G)I-DLE to release remix version of Hwaa thru collaboration with Belgian DJ duo
[FOCUS] BTS agency forges alliance with YG, Naver to promote K-pop thru integrated platform
Swedens Spotify to launch streaming subscription service at home of K-pop
British band New Hope Club to join BTS online fan community platform
BTS rewarded with postponement of conscription for obligatory military service
BTS members voice desire for Grammy before releasing new album
BTS agency absorbs label established by rapper Zico
SMs new girl group aespa forms fan club to mark official debut
  Singers hold VR concerts thru SK Telecom platform to chase away COVID blue
SM founder predicts creation of super-large virtual world
Warner Music ties up with Airbnb to connect K-pop with world
Anti-trust watchdog endorses BTS founders acquisition of domestic entertainment agency
BTS agency makes successful stock market debut in S. Korea
[FOCUS] Fresh argument flares in S. Korea over military service by BTS members
BLACKPINK agency promises to delete Jennies controversial scene in music video