Samsung Electronics develops new technology to improve 5G network performance
​Busan to utilize drones for eco-monitoring around river estuary
State institute partners with customs office to develop AI-based anti-smuggling technology
State researchers develop magnetic thin film for spin-thermoelectric energy conversion
        SK C&C agrees to combine digital platform with Google Cloud for SaaS
[INTERVIEW] ICT service company Douzone predicts faster adoption of cloud solutions
Unmanned street cleaning vehicles deployed in Gwangju for test run
Samsung unveils kiosk with smart ordering solution, anti-bacterial coating
SK Telecom and partners work on AI solution for video analysis
KT commercializes AI-based non-contact service for postnatal care center
SK Telecom partners with local bank to establish cloud platform for integrated credit information service
    5G-connected autonomous robots to monitor air quality at old industrial complex in Jeonju
Researchers develop highly sensitive flexible piezoelectric acoustic sensor
[FOCUS] State watchdog proposes national strategy to nurture decentralized finance
GPS-based taximeter app wins green light for commercial use in S. Korea
State researchers develop new chip for satellite communication in disaster sites
Kakaos cloud service partners with intellectual property office to provide smart keyword search feature
Navers AI wing to test on-road autonomous robot platform at test field
Drones to be used for heat map in populated city areas
Researchers develop high contrast ultrathin light‐field camera