Research institute develops rapid nanoPCR device capable of testing COVID-19 in 17 minutes
SK Telecom applies popular navigation app to Google Android Auto
Red Bull opens high-tech training center for LOL player Faker and colleagues
Research institute to develop AI capable of detecting early stages of dementia using MRI data
Consortium led by Hanwha Energy selected for state project to build smart city in S. Korean port city
S. Korea to build joint solar energy R&D center for technology development
LG Uplus tests commercial usefulness of quantum-resistant cryptography technology
​KT releases cloud-based platform to support corporate digital transformation
LG Electronics tests delivery robot at convenience store
Hyundai auto group uses Naver content for mobility and connected cars
S. Korea uses navigation apps for drivers to alert frozen road
Hanwha Systems leads state project to develop laser system for tracking space objects
KT to release big data-based commercial district analysis service for retail business operators
SK Telecom makes foray into AI semiconductor market with new chip
​Jeju Island selected to operate test field for autonomous vehicles
Fusion research tokamak sets new record in super-hot plasma
Researchers develop effective solid carbonation module to recycle industrial exhaust gas and byproducts
Researchers to develop AI-based early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
S. Korean energy company adopts robot assistant to increase productivity
Kakao selects subscription economy as new growth engine