SKT develops 5G-connected epidemic control sentry robot
KT develops 5G-connected autonomous cart and management system for logistics warehouses
State research institute develops more accurate AI-based chest X-ray COVID-19 diagnosis algorithm
Samsungs smartwatch electrocardiogram function wins state approval for domestic use
Naver releases AI-based customer service solution for financial services
Coastguard uses drones to catch abalone thieves in demonstration drill
Samsungs first outdoor 4K QLED smart TV makes debut in North America
SK Telecom partners with Voice Caddie to develop pin location information service
Researchers develop battery capable of harvesting energy from indoor lights
LGU+ releases corporate 5G service to provide more reliable and faster network
New technology allows drivers to receive GPS signals for navigation inside tunnel
SKT forges partnership with South Gyeongsang Province to provide AI health check call service
Samsung releases mobile image sensor with professional camera-class auto focusing ability
Researchers open way for mass-production of high-quality industrial graphene
Doosan Infracore releases cloud-based smart construction solution to reduce cost and time
Mobility service operator SoCar demonstrates autonomous shuttle service
Woowa puts service robot capable of traveling between floors into test operation
Raonsecure to establish trusted platform for verification of self-driving
Virus-killing ultraviolet sterlization adopted for elevator
Mando partners with car-sharing company to develop vehicle diagnosis system