Tax officials use AI big data analytic system to detect borrowed-name accounts
Autonomous food delivery robots to be introduced at new apartment complex
Kakao enforces zero-tolerance policy for sex crimes targeting children
State watchdog releases strengthened biometric verification model
Research base for EV maintenance platform to be established in Jeju
Microsoft Korea demonstrates AI-based elderly mental health care service
KT commercializes limited 5G standalone service at industrial complex
Nuke power operator introduces SK Telecoms communications system for quantum-safe data protection
S. Korea starts smartphone identification service for digital drivers license
LGU+ partners with state institute to establish 5G-based smart factory infrastructure
SK C&C releases enterprise blockchain platform
GC Medical Science to export COVID-19 antibody diagnostic kits to 8 countries
S. Korea embarks on project to narrow information gap by providing free WiFi at public areas
S. Korean energy company constructs eco-friendly 8 megawatt-class solar power plant
Hanwha Systems participates in government-led project to develop cluster unmanned surface vehicle control technology
Kakao prepares to launch new AI voice assistant speaker
Naver uses smarter AI bot to eradicate malicious and insulting comments
Samsung selected to provide 5G network infrastructure for Canadas Telus
Naver Labs creates high-definition 3D model map of Seoul for autonomous vehicles
Mass production begins for highly sensitive infrared sensor for non-contact thermometers