Fusion research tokamak sets new record in super-hot plasma
Researchers develop effective solid carbonation module to recycle industrial exhaust gas and byproducts
Researchers to develop AI-based early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
S. Korean energy company adopts robot assistant to increase productivity
Kakao selects subscription economy as new growth engine
​Hyundai E&C adopts AI-based disaster prediction system for construction sites
LG Upus tests container-based core equipment for standalone 5G network
KT joins hands with Naver to provide air quality information for upgraded weather forecast
Smart CCTV cameras used for AI-based parking lot-sharing service in Seoul
KT develops new technology for uninterrupted quantum cryptographic communication service
LG releases vacuum cleaner targeting households with pets
K-water develops AI-based system to detect pipe rupture
CJ OliveNetworks uses cutting-edge technologies for S. Koreas largest eSports stadium
Hancom MDS forges partnership with American self-driving tech company Coast Autonomous
S. Korean university to develop non-contact VR education content for dental hygienists
Samsung researchers present new method for wider use of holograms
LG Electronics deploys autonomous serving robots in resort near Seoul
Plasma technology on military vehicles found to be effective in reducing pollution
Big Hits game developing wing to release music game based on BTS and TXT songs
Macrogen to develop microbiome analytics-based tailored pet healthcare system using dog feces