New wearable robot developed for International Cyborg Olympics
Naver becomes top online shopping service in S. Korea
LGU+ partners with autonomous vehicle solution developer to test self-driving cars
SK Telecom wins government approval to end 2G mobile service
LG and Woowa selected to develop robot solution for restaurants
LG jumps into LED cinema market through first contact with Taiwans multiplex chain
LG Display selected for state project to develop stretchable display
Researchers develop device to collect high-purity hydrogen from natural gas
State body develops AI-based machine-vision tech to calculate chicken meat weight
S. Korea to expand non-face-to-face logistics infrastructure to nurture future growth engine
LGU+ claims to be industry-first to apply quantum-resistant cryptography technology to customer-only network equipment
Kakao sponsors  League of Legends pro gamer team DRX
Researchers develop recyclable flame-retardant carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic
Busan City to demonstrate blockchain-based decentralized identification service for first time
​Researchers commercialize insulation foam board capable of creating glass firewall in case of fire
Researchers develop artificial tongue to emulate sensing mechanism of astringency
GS Caltex demonstrates drone delivery of lunchboxes through government-led logistics project
LIG Nex 1 joins state-funded commercialization project of autonomous patrol boat
SK Telecom jumps into medical device market with digital X-ray technology
Researchers develop mole-type drilling robot for exploration of underground resources