UNIST leads state project to build 3D printing technology center
SKT releases congestion prediction service to prevent COVID-19 infection in subways
[FOCUS] Coronavirus pandemic and 5G spur demand for VR and AR technologies
Kakao releases one-stop digital wallet service through smartphone messenger app
KT teams up with Cognex to release 5G smart factory management solution
NHN partners with HDC Hyundai Development to develop smart city platform business
   SK Telecom signs deal to provide cyber security solutions and consulting services in Myanmar
Samsung to release BTS-themed special edition smartphone
Researchers develop artificial skin material inspired by human palm to enhance grip of robotic arms
SK Telecoms MR content used for Super Juniors live online concert
Radio wave-shielded playground debuts for drone and autonomous vehicle research in Seoul
Researchers find new selective-breeding method for heat-tolerant abalone without genetic modification
Biotech research institute develops eco-friendly plankton capable of decomposing PET bottle
​S. Korean researchers develop fast virus detection platform
LG Electronics joins Hedera Hashgraphs governing council
Kakao participates in governments QR code electric registration to trace dance club visitors
LGs 48-inch OLED TV appeals to consumers looking for second TV or quality display for gaming
​Hanwha Techwin releases ultra-high-definition 8K network surveillance camera
Evernym partners with LG CNS to develop DID identification cards
Firefighters adopt special blanket to smother car fire without water