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Prime Minister Chung stresses importance of borderless communication channel to minimize information gap
State hospital succeeds in inserting wireless pacemakers into hearts of bradyarrhythmia patients
LG Electronics joint venture with Canadas Magna awaits approval by shareholders in March
Sajo Seafood to launch raw tuna menu delivery service
Researchers find new roundworm species near Dokdo
Hanwha Systems works with antenna manufacturer to develop on-the-move satellite communication terminals
Naver and Korean Air join hands to interlink services
Hyosung Heavy localizes medium-voltage direct current transmission system
Samsung Electronics develops new technology to improve 5G network performance
S. Korea to share know-how of biodegradable fishing net production with Kuwait
S. Korea aims to become major player in carbon-based convergence industries
Seoul to promote urban green energy harvesting with subsidies
LIG Nex1 delivers new military radio sets for simultaneous data transmission and voice communication at the same time
SK Group and Plug Power aim to produce fuel cells in 2023 thru joint venture
Convenience stores lunchbox app service popular among middle-aged consumers
SK hynix buys EUV scanners from Dutch firm to upgrade chip production
Doosan Robotics works with university hospital to develop surgical robots
S. Korea launches integrated health information management app
Hyundai auto group recalls 81,701 electric vehicles at home and abroad
Boryung secure exclusive rights to sell nano-particle anticancer drug developed by SN Bioscience