Community health centers introduce innovative 5G MEC system for dementia detection
GC Pharmas plasma treatment allowed for actual use in treating COVID-19 patients
Modular negative-pressure ward built for S. Koreas state hospital
  Celltrion checks antibody treatments effect of COVID-19 infection prevention
Rapid antibody screening cited as core of global fight against COVID-19
Theragen selected for state project to develop large-scale analysis method for COVID-19 cases
LG Chems novel drug for obesity treatment wins FDA designation
Standigm partners with SK C&C to unveil AI service for drug development
Lactic acid bacterium isolated from kimchi found to be effective disinfectant
GC Pharmas immunoglobulin drug administered to patients in second-stage clinical study
Celltrion allowed to go ahead with last-stage clinical test of COVID-19 antibody treatment
Clinical trials sought for Ivaltinostat in treating acute pneumonia or fibrosis caused by COVID-19
S. Korea approves acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines for 60 % of entire population
China approves Hunter Syndrome drug from S. Koreas GC Pharm
Celltrion makes preparations for emergency domestic use of COVID-19 antibodies
Daewoong allowed to test efficacy of tapeworm treatment medicine in Philippines
EOFlow aims to become leading player in wearable medical device market
Yangi Hospitals walk-thru diagnostic booth wins domestic patent
Celltrion teams up with British bio company to develop oral infliximab
     Yuhan secures drug technology transfer deal from American company Processa