South Korea
​Giant folk painting to be displayed in central square as talisman to ward off bad luck and pandemic
[INTERVIEW] Survey company predicts greater spending on household appliances, digital content
Moon visits announces potential deal with Novavax for 20 mln people: Yonhap
New negative-pressure ambulances to be used by S. Korean fire stations
Samsung supports smart production of COVID-19 vaccine syringes
S. Koreas high-speed electrical train KTX-Eum makes commercial debut.
S. Korea establishes long-distance maritime digital network to safely manage fishing boats
Space antenna reflector installed for S. Koreas lunar exploration mission
Anti-epidemic center considers introducing rapid antigen inspection
[INTERVIEW] Expert urges strong government steps in enforcing quarantine rules
Anti-epidemic center warns of silent community infection by young untraceable virus carriers
Special winter hunting period declared to reduce wild boar population
Foreigner caught for posting threatening flyers at French Embassy in Seoul: Yonhap
Tram line project in S. Korean port wins state approval
S. Korean golf lovers undaunted by COVID-19 infection at golf course
Unmanned mail delivery service showcased on college campus in S. Korea
COVID-19 blue keeps camping season going on despite autumn chill in S. Korea
S. Koreans pick spicy rice cake menu Tteokbokki as favorite comfort food: survey
Seoul launches forestation project to create wind tunnels
Smartphone app becomes popular channel for buying train tickets