South Korea
Three rapid diagnostic kits approved in S. Korea for emergency use
Researchers regard feces as promising and reliable source for detecting COVID-19 infection
S. Korea advises not to wear COVID-19 masks while social distancing outdoors to prevent heatstroke
Incheon City opens dog care centers for COVID-19 patients
Temporary treatment centers in Seoul area to cope with growing number of COVID-19 patients
COVID-19 runs ahead in cat-and-mouse game with quarantine authorities: official
Busan city buses introduce high-efficiency particulate air filters
12 krill oil products taken off shelf for containing harmful substances
Consumers spend 60% of relief money on food-related items
Incheon port city to operate free drive-in theater for moviegoers
Health officials classify two suspected MIS-C cases as Kawasaki disease
S. Korea unveils roadmap for COVID-19 drugs and treatment
Strengthened anti-epidemic measures taken in metropolitan area
Eco-friendly buoys recommended to replace styrofoam for aquaculture
Two children recovering well from multi-system inflammatory syndrome
​Improved personal hygiene prompted by COVID-19 lowers number of common cold patients
Young man becomes first to get jail sentence for violating quarantine rules
  QR code electronic registration adopted in S. Korea to trace dance club visitors
Health officials urge young people to refrain from visiting dance clubs and bars
[FOCUS] President Moons initiative to nurture telemedicine triggers backlash from doctors