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Park Sae-jin Reporter() | Posted : May 17, 2010, 18:16 | Updated : May 17, 2010, 18:16

By Um Yoonsun

‘Korea Food & Tourism Festival 2010’
October 21st~26th

Upon the arrival of ‘Korea Visit Year,’ the committee for ‘Korea Visit Year,’ (Shin Dong Bin as the Chairman) announced on 12th that it will hold Korea Food & Tourism Festival 2010 from October 21st to 26th under the theme of traditional Korean food.

The event, sponsored by both ‘Korea Visit Year' committee and North Jeolla Province would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the Korean wave, so-called 'Hallyu', to the world, together with its traditional food and national brands.

The Korea Food & Tourism Festival 2010 that takes place in the Jeonju Worldcup Stadium and Jeonju Hanok Village includes various fuctions, such as Jeonju Bibimbap festival, Jeonju International Fermented Food Expo and Oktoberfest,the traditional German beer festival.

Jeonju Bibimbap festival is demonstrating ‘the bibim gathering,' to present the unique taste, beauty and joy of this well-being dish. Bibimbap has already grabbed the hearts of so many health-conscious people across the globe. The contest for various Bibimbap recipes and handicrafts made from traditional Korean paper, Hanji and a gigantic food gala devoted mainly to tteokbokki and Joomukbap will also be on display.

Jeonju International Fermented Food Expo, the world’s only Expo specialized in traditional fermented food products will introduce in-depth culture of fermentation. 300 companies from 18 different countries are scheduled to participate in the event. 

There will be Japan and European food exhibitions and 70 fermented food pavilions in the venue. 200 domestic and international buyers will be invited to inform the excellence of Korean fermented food and promote actual business transactions in this very industry.

Oktobrtfest is an extraordinary occasion that celebrates traditional Korean raw rice wine, makgeolli. Jeonju makgeolli is particularly well known for its alluring color and mind-blowingly deep taste.

People in the local area say they drink this liquor for the sake of affection among acquaintances. On the exposition, Germany’s world’s famous beer festival Oktoberfest is taking part. Countless exciting spots like makgeolli food court, makgeolli sommelier site, makgeolli cocktail post are also provided.

Around the region are many tour sites, for instance, the Hanok village made up of 750 traditional Korean houses. It is extremely relaxing to stroll along this historical place while listening to the gentle sound of folk music flowing from the wall.

Gyeong-Gi-Jeon, Han Byug Ru, Jeondong Ancient Cathedral, Confucion School, Hakindang, Pungnammun, Hanjiwon literally show the original life of the Korean people.

If more free time is provided, visitors can go to Nae Jang Mountain, Seonun mountain temple, World Heritage Gochang Dolmen Group or even look around Gyuk-Po, Buan and Gunsan coastal areas.

In addition, You can clear your exhausted eyes by gazing at the Gimje’s wide field, the only place in South Korea to witness the horizon. Eel, wild berry, soy sauce marinated crab, fresh raw fish, fish soup made with all sorts of seafood and cooked golden rice with boiled vegetables are typical Jeonju delicacies proficiently offered at this exceptional region.

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