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Top 10 weirdest questions asked by visa applicants

By Park Sae-jin Posted : October 4, 2013, 16:13 Updated : October 4, 2013, 16:13
A top 10 list of the strangest questions asked by visa applicants has been released, which includes so many odd questions from hopeful emigrants.

Liam Parry, an employee at globalvisas.com, exclaimed that they see all types of unusual things during the process of visa applications but generally speaking that all goes with the territory.

He said that when one person moves from one place to another place without knowing the culture of that place, then this type of misunderstanding about laws and customs happens.

This is the conclusion which was made from the visa applicants’ strange questions. Parry said that some of the queries made their advisors speechless.

Top 10 most unusual questions asked by visa applicants include:

“I‘ve committed a serious crime, but I haven’t been caught or convicted. Will I be immune once I move?” asked an unnervingly honest person from Italy.

“Do you know if it‘s easier to find a wife in England? I’m struggling here,” a Peruvian man applying for a U.K. visa asked.

“Is everybody friends with the Queen?” was a pearler from a Japanese applicant looking to move to England.

“Somebody told me that Australia was founded by criminals. Do I have to have a criminal record to move there?” Surely, this Malaysian resident was just having a laugh.

“I‘ve heard that cocaine is legal in Columbia. Is this true?” said a visa applicant considering a move to Colombia from France. It’s not known what answer he or she was hoping for.

“I don’t have a passport. If I sail to Portugal but don‘t fly, will they let me live there?” asked a U.K. resident looking to move there.

“If I live in America, will I be a movie star?” a Filipino applicant asked earnestly.

“I want to be closer to Elton John. He doesn’t come to Togo. Do you see him much in Britain?” said a man claiming to be one of Elton John’s biggest fans.

“Is it illegal if I don‘t speak Dutch?” asked a concerned applicant from the Middle East who was seeking a Schengen visa for the Netherlands.

“Is it legal to marry your car?” This one came from an American looking to move to Guatemala.

By Ruchi Singh

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