Grandfather gets caught sleeping with daughter-in-law by granddaughter and orders to kill her

KwakMin-jung 기자() | Posted : October 8, 2017, 18:59 | Updated : October 8, 2017, 18:59

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A Korean TV show, Shocking Story Real Situation, features the real crazy stories of real people. It garners a lot of media attention every time a new story airs as the stories are too shocking to believe it's true. 

During Korean Thanksgiving week, the show featured stories that shocked the viewers the most. One of the stories, in particular, caused a social media uproar. 

The real story happened in September 2009. When a 46-year-old daughter-in-law visited her 72-year-old father-in-law with her husband to celebrate the Thanksgiving with his family. 

The grandfather and his daughter-in-law started a sexual relationship earlier that year. When they were secretly having sex, they were caught by the 5-year-old granddaughter and step-daughter to the daughter-in-law. 

The grandfather ordered his daughter-in-law to suffocate his granddaughter and bring her body to him so he can "take care of her". The daughter-in-law tried to suffocate her step-daughter but she didn't die. She resorted in stabbing her daughter to death. 

Both the grandfather and daughter-in-law were arrested for murder. The grandfather was sentenced to five years in prison and his daughter-in-law got 15 years. 

The grandfather was released in 2015 and the daughter-in-law is expected to be released in 2025. 

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