Food delivery app operator Yogiyo launches ultra-fast 30-minute grocery delivery service

Park Sae-jin Reporter() | Posted : September 16, 2020, 15:37 | Updated : September 17, 2020, 08:26

[Courtesy of Yogiyo]

SEOUL -- The speed of South Korea's food delivery services is getting faster and faster due to competition that intensified this year as many consumers wish to dine at their homes to avoid becoming the victim of COVID-19. Karoshi has become a new social issue, but deliverymen are under pressure to drive and run fast.

Yogiyo is no exception. The delivery platform run by the South Korean grocery delivery service wing of Delivery Hero has launched an ultra-fast 30-minute grocery delivery service to take the lead in competition in the market, which is backed by about 15 million monthly food delivery service users accustomed to South Korea's "pali-pali" culture.

 The word "pali-pali" is a duplicate word that means "Hurry up!" or "Faster!" It is every way of life in South Korea. Grocery delivery services are rapidly gaining attention due to a new coronavirus pandemic, utilizing small-sized logistics centers in city districts. Unlike food delivery services that take at least 40 minutes because of cooking time, grocery services require about 30 minutes to make a delivery run. 

Delivery Hero Stores Korea said in a statement on September 16 that its grocery delivery service, Yomart, utilizes urban-type logistics warehouses to offer "Q-Commerce" (quick-commerce) to hasty-tempered consumers. A test run was made in Gangnam, the heart of finance and fashion trends in Seoul, before the service expands gradually into other urban areas.

"We will provide the next-generation logistics service that delivers anything in 30 minutes," Delivery Hero said in a statement. Customers can choose from 3,000 items ranging from fresh ingredients to pet products. Yogiyo has followed the footsteps of Baedal Minjok, the country's top food delivery service, which launched a quick grocery delivery service in 2019.
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