Young woman faces trial for eating hamberger and insulting train passenger

Lim Chang-won Reporter() | Posted : March 5, 2021, 17:21 | Updated : March 8, 2021, 08:37

[This image was captured from a South Korean online community]

SEOUL -- A young woman will stand trial on charges of defamation after she snubbed a request from a nearby passenger to stop eating a hamburger and beverage set aboard a high-speed train and pelted insults with her mask taken off. Video footage showing the woman's senseless behavior that apparently violated anti-epidemic rules has spread through social network services, triggering public criticism.

On complaints from the passenger who felt an unbearable sense of humiliation, South Korea's railroad police agency launched an investigation and decided to send the case to prosecutors on March 4, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The woman's identity and details were not disclosed for privacy.

"We will investigate thoroughly in accordance with the law and principles and send it to the prosecution quickly," an unnamed railroad police officer was quoted as saying. The woman in her 20s was accused of eating food on a high-speed KTX train from Pohang to Seoul on February 28 and ignoring the train crew's request to put on her mask and comply with quarantine guidelines that prohibit eating food in the seat.

The passenger who tried to stop the woman uploaded a video on social network services along with a post that caused a tremendous social stir at a time when social fatigue and stress are rampant across society with many people exhausted by an endless period of social distancing and economic losses.
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