Researchers develop guidelines for driver-friendly autonomous vehicle control system

Park Sae-jin Reporter() | Posted : May 11, 2021, 14:46 | Updated : May 11, 2021, 14:46

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SEOUL -- Researchers have developed guidelines for autonomous vehicle systems so that they can safely determine when and how they should take the control of a car from its driver. The guidelines will help carmakers standardize the protocol of autonomous driving and enhance safety in various situations.

The seamless transfer of the right to control between a driver and an autonomous vehicle is one of the most important aspects of safe autonomous operation. However, it is hard to standardize a system that can determine when and how it should take control from a driver as carmakers and self-driving system developers all have different rules and codes.

The state-funded Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) said in a statement on May 11 that its research team has developed guidelines and three related technologies based on an autonomous vehicle field test involving 458 people who conducted more than 1,500 tests to create the dataset that was used in the development of guidelines and technologies.

"The newly-developed guidelines, technologies, and data will contribute to the vitalization of the autonomous vehicle-related ecology and help self-driving cars drive more safely," said Yoon Dae-seob, who heads ETRI's recognition and transport ICT research division.

The new guidelines provide various virtual situations so that professional researchers and ordinary drivers can understand why the transfer of the right to control is important and when it takes place. For example, a car decides whether it will continue to drive in a self-driving mode or transfer the control to its driver when he or she just received an important phone call as he was about to switch to a manual driving mode.

Researchers also developed a DVE (driver, vehicle, environment) real-time environment monitoring system that allows the car to determine the right time to take control, a co-pilot agent system that helps a driver and his car communicate with each other, and a control transfer assessment system that uses artificial intelligence to assess the driver's ability to drive and recognize the driving environment in real-time.
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