Seoul to support independent content creators' foray into Chinese video platforms

Kim Joo-heon Reporter() | Posted : November 1, 2021, 13:50 | Updated : January 6, 2023, 01:24

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SEOUL -- Seoul City teamed up with a Chinese video content creator management agency to make a foray into various Chinese video content-sharing platforms. Seoul will provide a four-week online education program for South Korean creators who hope to gain more Chinese followers. The education will be organized by Chinese video content experts.

Adoba is a Chinese multi-channel networks (MCN) platform company specializing in assisting South Korean creators to enter the Chinese market. The company, which has signed business agreements with eight major Chinese video platforms including Douyin and Haokan, helps creators launch and operate video content channels in China where South Korean influencers have difficulty promoting their video content channels due to language barriers and regulations.

An MCN company refers to a management agency for online celebrities. Just as entertainment companies such as JYP and SM Entertainment manage K-pop stars, MCN companies normally manage and assist popular video content creators.

Seoul said in a statement on November 1 that the city will provide an intensive four-week education program organized by Chinese content experts to support independent South Korean creators who wish to become popular in China. 20 outstanding students will be selected during the training program that will start on November 11 and end on December 2. Prize money of 1 million won ($852) will be given to each outstanding trainee. The capital city will continue to assist and manage the trainees after the education program has ended.

"I hope this training will help independent media creators find new opportunities in diverse media platforms," Seoul official Kim Hong-jin was quoted as saying.

South Korea's independent creator market targeting China has been growing during the last few years. In September 2021, AIKUA, a Seoul-based MCN company that promotes South Korean companies and products in China, joined hands with the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) to support small and medium-sized South Korean companies. Lee Eun-ji, a South Korean influencer who has some 1.1 million followers on Chinese video service TikTok, promoted cosmetics brands' products to Chinese viewers through a live commerce show in Mandarin. According to AIKUA CEO Lee Hye-ran, about 2.5 million viewers watched Lee Eun-ji's online shopping show through live streaming platforms such as Huya.
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