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Online mall Wemakeprice utilizes product data for AI-based curated shopping service

By Park Sae-jin Posted : December 13, 2021, 10:45 Updated : December 13, 2021, 11:10

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SEOUL -- In a bid to attract more customers, Wemakeprice, an online shopping mall operator in South Korea, has adopted an artificial intelligence-based curated shopping service that utilizes information about some 700 million products from about 230,000 online stores. Customers can compare and select products that best match their unique tastes.
AI-based curation services have been adopted by South Korean online shopping malls to analyze shopping preferences based on shopping history, keyword search and other personal backgrounds such as age and gender. Analyzed information can be used to provide the best-matching products
Metadata provides more detailed information about data. For example, data about a pair of sneakers would contain sizes, design and price. Metadata contains a list of shopping malls that sell the sneakers, customers' reviews, prices and availability. Metadata and AI are often used together to provide a deeper insight into things or situations.
Wemakeprice said in a statement on December 13 that the company has released a metadata and AI-based product comparison service to show products' strong points and unique characteristics through a single web page. "We will become an ecommerce platform that will offer the best shopping environment for customers by beefing up our investments into the research and development of metadata while maintaining our competitiveness in the curated shopping sector," Wemakeprice CEO Ha Song was quoted as saying.
Similar services are being provided by other online shopping curating services such as Danawa, a popular online shopping mall price comparison information service. Wemakeprice said that its curated service involves human workers who tweak shopping search results calculated by AI to offer customers more detailed tailor-made shopping results.
"While previous metadata-based shopping curation services focused on price comparison information, we will provide a product comparison service that provides detailed information about the characteristics, style and other attractive points of products," Wemakeprice said.


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