CJ OliveNetworks secures order to build high-performance computing infrastructure

Kim Joo-heon Reporter() | Posted : January 20, 2022, 15:09 | Updated : January 20, 2022, 15:09

[Courtesy of CJ OliveNetworks]

SEOUL -- CJ OliveNetworks, an IT service management wing of South Korea's conglomerate CJ Group, will build a high-performance computing-based artificial intelligence public infrastructure that can be used by students, researchers and companies. The infrastructure will be established at a supercomputing center operated by a national science institute.  
High-performance computing (HPC) is used to solve extremely complicated computational problems in the science and engineering sectors. It is mainly done by using a supercomputer which plays a key role in the computational science field. The performance of a supercomputer is normally measured in floating-point operations per second (FLOPS). A 1 petaFLOPS (PFLOPS) system can perform one quadrillion FLOPS. The HPC-AI public infrastructure will have a performance capacity of 6 petaFLOPS.
CJ OliveNetworks said in a statement on January 20 that the company won a contract to set up an HPC-based AI public infrastructure at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST). An ultra-large computing system that can store 10 petabytes (PBs) will be used by researchers, students and companies to carry out AI-based research projects. A petabyte is a super large unit of digital data that is equal to 1,000 terabytes. A single terabyte can store about 1,000 copies of an encyclopedia.
"Because of a coronavirus pandemic, the use of HPC is becoming crucial in major countries. For example, advanced computing functions of HPC are being used to develop treatments and vaccines," CJ OliveNetworks official Seo Kyung-ho was quoted as saying.
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