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Researchers develop encapsulation technology for protection of functional ingredients from sunlight

By Kim Joo-heon Posted : February 23, 2022, 12:34 Updated : February 23, 2022, 12:44

[Courtesy of the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology]

SEOUL -- A state research institute in South Korea has developed an encapsulation technology that can keep functional ingredients such as vitamins for a long time by blocking out sunlight. Although vitamins play a crucial role in preventing skin aging, they are sensitive to external factors such as sunlight, oxygen and moisture.
Encapsulation technology refers to the process of wrapping one material with another. To stably keep functional ingredients for a long time, one capsule needs to contain as many nutrients as possible and the size of capsules must be maintained for a long time.
The Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET) said that its research team has developed encapsulation technology through a five-year capsule material-related study. The new technology can contain about 10 times more functional ingredients in a capsule than the conventional technique. Because the new technology requires a simple manufacturing process, capsules can be produced at a low cost.
KICET signed an agreement with domestic cosmetics material company LABIO on February 22 to transfer its encapsulation technology for commercialization. The institute will provide follow-up services. "We will transfer the technology to companies that need our excellent technology to foster small-sized enterprises and support them," KICET president Jeong Yeon-gil said in a statement. 
Founded in 2015, LABIO is a biotechnology-based cosmetics material company that develops natural preservatives and natural emulsifiers.

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