Researchers develop technology to localize production of nanocrystalline ribbon materials

Lim Chang-won Reporter() | Posted : March 22, 2022, 08:48 | Updated : March 22, 2022, 08:48

[Courtesy of the Korea Institute of Materials Science]

SEOUL -- A government-funded research body in South Korea has developed a technology to localize the production of nanocrystalline ribbon materials used in electric vehicle power conversion devices. It can reduce the content of high-cost elements such as niobium (Nb), which is essential for nanocrystalline ribbon alloys by more than 30 percent.

South Korea has been dependent on imported nanocrystalline ribbon materials that remove electromagnetic interference noise from power conversion devices mounted on electric vehicles. Nanocrystalline ribbons are mechanically more robust and have higher magnetic permeability and a higher saturation point.

Ultra-thin nanocrystalline ribbons are a key material for chokes that make up electromagnetic interference noise filters. For miniaturization, the characteristics of high saturation magnetization and high permeability must be improved at the same time. The miniaturization of noise filter parts helps improve the mileage of electric vehicles by increasing power conversion efficiency.

The Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) said that its research team led by Jeong Jae-won, a professor of materials science, has developed an ultra-thin soft magnetism nanocrystalline ribbon material that increased magnetization but showed the same level of permeability. 

Researchers controlled the diffusion rate within an alloy by simultaneously adding heterogeneous transition metals as additive elements while increasing the iron content of existing alloy materials. If the technology is commercialized, South Korea will be able to produce about 1,500 tons of ribbon materials per year in 2025. 

"If this technology is commercialized, it will be possible to localize nanocrystalline ribbon materials that currently rely on imports and help electric vehicle power conversion equipment manufacturers reduce their dependence on imports," Jeong said in a statement. His goal is to achieve localization and overseas shipments. 
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