[CES 2020] S. Korean startup to unveil new portable tatoo device at CES
[CES 2020] AmorePacifics new skincare treatments to be showcased at CES
Bio start-up MedPacto aims to export anti-cancer drug technology in 2021
Hanmi partners with RAPT Therapeutics to develop and commercialize FLX475 for cancer treatment
SKs bio unit allowed to conduct clinical first phase test of new antii-epileptic drug
Bio company Alteogen secures major deal to export human hyaluronidase technology
S. Korea bans microbeads for toothpaste and detergents from 2021
Celltrion acquires European approval to sell Remsima SC for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Oriental medicine researchers study efficacy of cicada shells in Parkinsons disease
One-third of ultra-fine dust in S. Korea attributed to China: joint survey
Incheon airport gateway embarks on expansion of facilities and infrastructure
[INTERVIEW] New Gladstone study provides new insight into disease mechanism and target for dementia
 Gladstone researchers reveal new information for development of dementia medications
Meditox ordered to recall some botox products distributed abroad
Cosmetics used by 18th-century princess contain harmful substances
CHA Biotech secures U.S. patent on manufacturing placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells
[INTERVIEW] Expert demands extreme measures to contain spread of African swine fever
Scientists develop novel kit for early detection of Alzheimers disease
Space program revised again to delay 2020 launch of unmanned lunar orbiter
Steel industry gets conditional approval to use blast furnace bleeder valves